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Re: [IP] Precision QID Pen meter

I've got a QID meter and tried to get the download cable free but Medisense
says they never do that (though someone on the list says they have), and
that Medisense doesn't even sell the cable, you have to get it thru one of
their distributing pharmacies.  Any advice?  I want to either get the QID
cable, or get a free fasttake+cable as Marilyn did, but don't know how to
approach the situation after rejection.

>all you really need to do is just ask.  I called accu-check and they
>finally got back to me.  I am setting up a support group and he just asked
>how many meters you want.. so i easy and quickly said 10. (should of said
>more).  but he said that he can't give strips away (the real money maker)..
> never go to a store and buy them ..

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