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Re: [IP] site infections/exercise

>Tonight & tomorrow night he is trying out for a Challenge league of 
>Soccer...it is 2 hours of intense play. I was wondering if the following 
>sounded reasonable. He will eat 1 hour before, bolus like usual, then turn 
>off pump while playing (disconnect) and drink gatorade while he plays....I
>truly scared now after all the lows he has had.


Is Kevin using Humalog?  If it were me, I wouldn't want to be exercising
heavily one hour after a bolus. The insulin is really kicking in then. If I
had to eat only one hour before, I would reduce my bolus by about 25%.
Ideally, I like to wait until 2 hours after I eat to exercise.  If my bg is
in a normal range at that time, I usually eat a light snack (a granola bar)
and set a temp basal rate for 1/2 my normal amount.  I can go for hours
like this. I realize that Kevin may want to disconnect during soccer, so
maybe you wouldn't want to include the snack part.  Please keep in mind
that this is what I would do, Kevin's response may be different.  But if
his lows this past weekend occurred soon after eating, I would suggest
altering the time of his meal, or the reducing the amount of insulin for
the meal. 

Hope this helps, maybe some other soccer parents will chime in with what
works for their kids.  As an adult, my response may be different.

Mary Jean

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