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[IP] site infections/exercise

Hey. We have had a rough few days. Just when we think all is well.

kevin has gone low several times and we arent sure why. He has a can of soda 
that I counted with his other lunch items, and that was the only unusual 
thing. I counted the entire 47 grams towards his insulin/food ratio. He went 
low while walking thru historic Jamestown.... then Saturday am we were 
watching my daughters soccer game and he dropped to 40! He was walking slow 
around. Both days were very hot! Should we count soda different?

He got knocked in his site a few times and now he has an infection in the 
site! Doc called in antibiotics. I feel like a complete failure. 

Tonight & tomorrow night he is trying out for a Challenge league of 
Soccer...it is 2 hours of intense play. I was wondering if the following 
sounded reasonable. He will eat 1 hour before, bolus like usual, then turn 
off pump while playing (disconnect) and drink gatorade while he plays....I am 
truly scared now after all the lows he has had.

I know I'm just discouraged...but I want to throw in the towel...even though 
shots are not better!

HELP!  (I want to be able to do this!)

Poor Kevin has called from school 5x this am with problems...high bg (he has 
a cold and / or the site infection makes it high) and his old site hurts. 
Thank GOD only one week of school left. I cant take this much more. 

I used to be a very positive person!  REALLY


Mom of Kevin, 11, pumping 3 weeks
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