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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office

In a message dated 5/24/99 7:39:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

 Im confused,  I was told not to worry about a low until I was below 60.  I
 didn't think you could have a reaction at 60.  Have I been given false
 information or do some people have a low at a higher bg than others? 
 email @ redacted wrote:
  (btw tested and I was 65 before the trip downstairs).  I sit their
 > and wait 5 minutes until I am called and I guess behaving erratically 
 > the nurse asked me if I was okay.  Tested again and only 89 with the whole
 > can.  So they have me drink another.  Now I start feeling better and throw 
 > clogging their patient toilet.
 - >>

The problem Donna is that although these numbers looked good, I was very 
symptomatic and obviously these numbers were on their way down.  Besides the 
89 was 15 minutes after drinking a regular coke-the whole can.  My body was 
fighting to stay at a normal level.  65 is to low for me.  I don't know what 
everyone runs at but we try to keep my sugars between 90-140.  Because of my 
three young children and that I exercise a lot it isn't safer for me to go 
lower.  I also have seizures when hypoglycemic and am on antiseizure meds so 
we try to prevent them.

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