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Re: [IP] Continuous glucose monitor

I have been called for the glucose sensor trials (Baltimore Area),  It entails
an overnight hospital stay with them giving you glucose (IV) and insulin to
raise you up to around 250 and bringing you down slowly then giving you a meal
and watching how that reacts.  I have been advised not to participate due to
trying to conceive and my resistance.  When I get that high it takes most of the
day to get me back down and lots of insulin.  (My endo thought it wasn't a bad
idea, but the gyn did).  My understanding is that they are trying to get the
sensor to be cordless and that a select group of doctors could have the sensor
in their office by August.  It will not have a display at that time and could be
a year or more before it will be available for patients.  Mean while keep
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