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Re: [IP] Pump Reps

Ruth Elowitz wrote:
 I'd just be aware of making a company
> choice based on someone who may not be around more than a few years anyway and
> who I will know as much as in the next year or so.  Over the years the one thing
> that has become clear with both pump reps and meter company reps is that they are
> just very very very variable and they have little to do with the quality of
> either the pump or the meters despite the fact they sometimes effect your
> experience meeting these tools.

True, but my problem then was that I was told the ONLY way to get a D
was by getting the rep to handle things and he never called back. Not
really the
issue you're talking about, as such, just an unfortunate twist at that
back in NY. I've never actually talked to a rep for anything, just call
MiniMed if
I have a bad problem I can't solve myself. What the heck, I trained my
endo how 
to train ME to pump.....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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