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[IP] marilyn and retinopathy

Hi Marilyn
The reason I've had so much laser surgery is that the proliferative
stage developed very fast about a year ago. 

Before that I had been having periodical laser treatment for a year or
so, then things shot downhill rapidly and I began losing my sight. I
started having bleeds and they did some pretty intensive lasering. In
October I had a sever bleed that blocked my vision completely. They
did a vitrectomy under gerenal anaesthetic and did a massive amount of
laser at the same time. That seems to have helped as I haven't had
much deterioriation since then in that eye. However they can't do any
more lasering at all to that eye as it looks like the surface of the
moon now. So whatever happens happens. The other eye wasn't so bad and
I have had less on that. But that one is now deteriorating fast too
and is hacing almost constant bleeds. Again there's not much mroe
laser they can do but they are still trying to get a few more goes
in. My sight is about 4/60 which means I'm partially sighted and on
the borderline for registering blind. I'm hoping the pump will help me
retain what little is left. Judging from my Bgs since going on the
pump it certainly won't hurt. Worst thing fo rme is having to give up
al the sports I used to do (yes I was a complete sports nut) - soccer,
lacrosse, softball, squash, tennis, cycling and dancing on a regular
basis and as many other things as I could do when I had time!
That's the hardest for me, though I can still dance of course.  I love
reading too but am getting used to books on tape instead, even though
they're not the same. Trying to finish my PhD before my sight goes
too, but only 7 months to go so hopefully I'll get there!

Probably more than you wanted to know but there you go.

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