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Re: [IP] Hi ! & What to do next

Hi Paul,
Welcome to the group!  I just started using an insulin pump not quite a week 
ago.  I am using a minimed507C  with saline.  On tuesday morning I will be 
going live and using humalog.  I can't wait!!!!!!!    After deciding to go on 
the pump, I met with an endo. His diabetes educator  ( who is certified in 
training for both types of pumps) gave me an explanation of both types of 
pumps and their individual features.  I was then told that I had a choice of 
the type I wanted.  I thought about it for about a week ( I also had videos 
from both companies) and decided to go with minimed) .  At that point I 
contacted the endo's office to let them know that I wanted to proceed and and 
the type of pump I wanted.  The physician wrote a letter of necessity and a 
script for the pump.  I filled out my paperwork from minimed and all  of the 
infromation was sent out together.  Minimed contacted me  to let me know they 
received the paperwork and explained the claim process.  In my case, a battle 
ensued with the insurance company and it took me several months to get 
This is not the case for everyone (dont get nervous 8-) ).   I got the pump 
very quickly upon approval !    After pumping saline for almost a week, I 
think I must be the most hydrated person on this list  <vbg>.   Good luck and 
if you have any more questions feel free to ask,  people  on this list are 
very knowledgeable and generous!!!   Sorry for the long post.
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