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Re: [IP] Hi ! & What to do next

Paul Whitaker wrote:
> Assuming my Endo. agrees to a pump, what do I need to do? I have all the
> paperwork from MiniMed and this seems straightforward, but I cannot help
> thinking that nothing in life is simple!
> Can anyone give me some further insight as what I should expect and if
> it takes months and months of paperwork before I get a pump.

It really depends on your health insurance company more than anything
Good ones agree immediately or after minor correspondence. Some take
convincing since they think they can save money by not paying for your
Mind you, in many cases it depends on who you talk to at the insurance 
company. Many people there are hired to put people off regardless of
or the real situatiion, but when you keep pushing (if needed) and talk
somebody who knows something it can go fairly easily.

For instance, my health insurer when I got my first pump was Guardian,
and they
just said "OK" and I placed the order. My current insurer, BC/BS of
Ohio, also 
known as Anthem, told me I needed to be "pre-approved", took 3 weeks to
that straight, told me to order it from a company that knows NOTHING
about pumps
and wants to keep it that way. So I referred them to my long time mail
upplier not too far from here and they "pre-approved" it. OK, all set,

Not hardly. I called to check on why the bill hadn't been paid yet, and
told that they know NOTHING about my referral, and my coverage doesn't
include pumps because they are a "convenience item"! I can tell wehn 
I'm talking to a person who's paid $5.00 an hour to discourage real
for my diabetes. I came online and asked here, got back the name of 2
there that cleared a pump in good time, and will call them tomorrow,
after faxing
my "pre-approval" statement.

It can be a hassle, hope it isn't. Most insurance companies seem to be
smart and not arguing about what they CAN'T deny, short of total
exclusion clauses 
in the insurance plan.

If they give you and trouble, be sure to tell them what your daily
hospital charge
wlll be for needing to be in the hospital several times a year for 4 or
5 days
each and see if they suddenly decide they can suddnly afford a pump for
Hope it doesn't get that complex, but you never know till you try!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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