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[IP] 11 Years of Pumping or How the times have changed.

Penny asked if I was glad I got the pump.  YOU BETCHA.  It was/is the best 
thing that has happened to me since diagnosis.  You hear so many people say 
it, but it gave me back my life.  Actually, it was not so much the pump, but 
the developments that have happened along with and to the pump.    

I know there are pumpers who have been doing it longer than I, but I just 
thought you all might like to see how far things have come since 2/12/88 when 
I was put on the pump.  Below are actual quotes from my pump manual, given to 
me by the hospital that hooked me up...

Even though it would be convenient to fill the syringe to capacity and get 2 
or more days of insulin, this practice is not recommended.  If there was 
misprogramming, or if the pump malfunctioned, you could possibly get a large 
insulin overdose.

You do not need a special "pump diet" You will still use the exchange lists 
and have a meal plan.

You should have your meals and snacks at approximately the same time each 
day.  When you are on an insulin pump you will probably have excellant blood 
sugar control, and if a meal is delayed you will be likely to have an insulin 
reaction.  Be sure to get your meals and snacks on time.  Each meal should 
contained the prescribed amounts of calories and carbohydrate.  As with any 
insulin regime, strict adherence to your diet and meal plan is an absolute 
necessity if you are to achieve good control.

Change the battery every day.  Place the battery removed from the pump in the 
charger.  When the battery is changed, reset the time (Autosyringe 6MP) and 
check the accuracy of your program.  If you are using a CPI Betatron II pump, 
program the alternate basal delay at the same time every day.

And now the best part... not the pump, but from the back of my "ultra modern" 
glucose meter to help me in the frequent testing (4 times a day!)...

Perform finger puncture.  Depress TIME button as soon as blood is applied to 
test pads.  At 60 seconds, wipe test pad with cotton ball.  Insert test strip 
into test strip chamber.  Glucose value displayed after 120 seconds.  (All 
this at the bargain price of $200)

Let's see... we went form animal to human to Humalog.  First there were only 
needles, then bent needles then SofSets then Sils were introduced.  The Quick 
Release was invented.  And they said we could eat sugar!!!

If we've come this far in 11 years, think how far we will be in another 11!!!

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