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Re: [IP] Marilyn Vos Savant Article, Parade Magazine, May 23

I don't know how to say this in a nice way but here is a try.  If we 
diabetics could have natural selection I think we would not select Ms. 
Savant.  There are a lot of people out there walking aaround with diaabetes 
and not knowing it, having children and performing the same tasks as everyone 
else.  There were probably a lot more before the diagnosing procedures became 
as sophisticated as they are now.  Ms. Savant I can only tell you what the 
priest told the truck driver after he was rear ended by him.  The trucker 
used very rough language to let the priest know he thought the accident was 
the priests fault.  the Father looked up at the monster trucker and said as I 
would say to you.  "I can't be as glib with the language as you, but I hope 
when you pull up in front of your house your mother runs out from under the 
porch and bites you."  A direct quote not a flame. 
Don and penguinie the pumper penguin 0-
                                                        /()'\   the non 
genetic pumper penguin. 
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