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[IP] Hi ! & What to do next

Hello everyone,

I took the plunge and told my PCP that I wanted to go on a pump last
week. He fully agrees, but wants my Endo. to have the final say - I'm
seeing her in a couple of weeks.
I don't anticipate there to be any problems as I am taking 5 to 6 shots
of Humalog daily AND a pump would make my life easier.

I have followed all the postings here with much interest for  week now,
but one subject I haven't seen discussed much is how much involvement
the pump recipient has in selection of a pump etc..

Assuming my Endo. agrees to a pump, what do I need to do? I have all the
paperwork from MiniMed and this seems straightforward, but I cannot help
thinking that nothing in life is simple! 

Can anyone give me some further insight as what I should expect and if
it takes months and months of paperwork before I get a pump.


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