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Re: [[IP] Charcots foot]????

In a message dated 5/23/99 2:05:08 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< And lastly, I just can't find any shoe that feels like it fits properly!
 I hate to sound like a hypocondriac, but I'm worried that I could end up with
 this disease.All the information seems to show advanced cases, so it's hard 
 tell.Does anyone who suffers from this condition have an opinion or any
 suggestions? >>

You betcha!  Run, walk, crawl, whatever to an orthopedic surgeon and get 
x-rays taken to check this out.  It is detectable in x-rays.  From what I 
understand, the heat is the deciding factor in diagnosis.  Are you seeing a 
Podiatrist?  That also would be a good place to start but I've heard some not 
so good things about some (but I guess we can say that about all docs).  Just 
make sure you get someone with experience with diabetic feet.

Good luck!

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