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Subject: [IP] broken bones--basal changes???????

Sorry to hear of her trauma.  The stress of a broken bone may well raise her
sugars for a time, just like an illness.  So you'll just have to check and
adjust as you go, and it may take several adjustments.  But, as far as the
exercise question, when Jenna had a 2 week break from gymnastics (3 hour
practices 3 days a week), we ended up with approximately a 10% increase of
insulin.  Of course, she was not ill then.  And most of the increase was
during daylight hours, night didn't really seem to be affected much.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<Seems she broke her ankle in three places !!!!!! Surgery on Friday morning
(thank god for the pump !) Even with constant vomitting for 8 hours bgs
stayed good.
Now comes the question--For those of you with extremely active kids,
How far should I increase her basals ? >>

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