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Re: [IP] How long can I use tubing

Jenny Oreskovich wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I am now pumping for 2 1/2 days now and I love it.  I have a
> wonderful CDE who has called me 3 times already to check on me.  My sugar
> hasn't gone over 226 yet (which is a BIG improvement for me).
> My question is this, when I picked up my infusion sets I thought I was
> getting 10 different ones.  Instead I got 5 complete sets and 5 of just the
> canula parts.  Can I use the tubing for 6 or more days?  I am set to change
> sites every 3 days, but that only leaves me 15 days for supplies.

You're using Sils/Tender/Comforts, I take it. I've been using Comforts
for nearly 
5 years, and usually run each syringe full of Humalog/R mix (5 to 1
ratio) for 
3 days, unless there is site irritation. Then I refill the syringe and
run that for
another 3 days. Then when I change the canula I repeat the relaods, so a
usually holds me for 12 days.
> Also if any one has the name of some mail order supply companies that sell
> them in bigger quantities than 10.

That's the standard package from the supplier. You may need to order
of them for a given time period. If your insurance lets you buy them
order for longer time periods, usually 3 months span, then order
I usually get 4 boxes to hold me 3 months (officially) and actually just
when needed.
I get mine from Preferred Rx in Cleveland, 1-800-677-4323. That's
the members help number, but they'll refer you to the proper people when
you call.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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