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[IP] Pump Reps

I decided to get my first mini Med because the Disetronics rep who was my
contact at the time never even returned my calls. A MiniMed pump was
available locally. So, in my experience, service is a big factor. Try
your local MiniMed and Disetronics reps and/or companies dealing in
local sales
of each and compare. If you ever have a pump problem that can't be
over the phone with their help crew it could be more important than the
slightly different features of the 2 pumps now available.

Now I chose my pump for the opposite reason.  I saw both pumps and spoke with 
both reps.  but the one from Disetronic was really pushy.  She called 
sometimes every day for about a week.  I mean by then I was really tired of 
the word Disetronic.  She kept insisting I meet with her setting up about 5 
circumstances where it was really hard to find an excuse not to.  Minimeds 
rep lived in CA and was here for three days and let me know she was here that 
was it.  No do you want to meet?  Or pushing me to meet her somewhere.  I 
liked the look of the Minimed and the fact that although it wasn't waterproof 
(a concern to me) the rep would give me a free sports case.  After that there 
wasnt much else to sell me on except that I could get it in my favorite 

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