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Re: [IP] hypoglycemia in the drs office

Do-nuts are good and you should try an Italian Soda (hazelnut) would go good 
with chocolate do-nuts or a Strawberry Steamer with a Bismark.  Glad to be of 
help.  I once went low at a picnic reunion and did not fall down or anything 
just stood and stared into space woke in an ambulance.  One of my cousins 
told me that at his job if an employee dies he is expected to lay down so 
they can stop his salary.  It was very embarrassing as one of my cousins and 
her husbands had to drive my mother who is blind, my wife and I home 25 miles 
away.  I told the jokester cousin that I didn't want to lose any wages so I 
don't fall down. 
Good luck and take care. 
Don and Penguinie the pumper penguin -0
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