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Re: [IP] Where do you put your pump during surgery?

No They were doing an angiogram that was totake about an hour and I was to 
stay in day surgery for 8 hrs. then go home.  I died during the procedure and 
had a major heart attack.  when I came out of it after the electric paddles 
they told me I fainted and so I told them to hurry up as I was getting bored. 
 They told the transport people to take me to a 4th floor room.  i told Them 
I was to go to day surgery for 8 hrs. then home.  They said I would not be 
going home today.  I told then they would have to tell the wife as I would 
not.  I was in the hosp. for 28 days.  I found out about the heart attack a 
week later when they felt I was strong enough to take it.  The wife knew but 
wouldn't tell me for fear of a setback.  Short procedures don't exist when I 
go for outpatient tests. 
Thanks for your concern Marylin, this was in 1996. 
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