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Re: [IP] Woo Hoo <The Pump Arrived>

Well today the pump got here <surprise it's even on a Sunday>.  I start on 
Wednesday with my CDE as the Pump Educator.  I just wanted to share my 
excitement with everyone. <<doing hand springs around the room now>>
 I have some fears but I am trying to overcome them with all of the good 
stuff that can come from using the pump.  Can you imagine after 2 1/2 years I 
still get a little quesy sick feeling when I think of doing a shot and 
testing.  I do it anyway, but just looking at one of the "tenders" brought 
this same feeling on me again.
I do wonder how long it will take before Idon't have that little "feeling", 
since it still happens with a shot.  Don't mean to sound foolish though but 
wondering if others sometimes still feel the same way.

type 1 for 2 1/2 years, and soon to be a pumping :-)
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