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[IP] How long can I use tubing

Hi everyone.  I am now pumping for 2 1/2 days now and I love it.  I have a
wonderful CDE who has called me 3 times already to check on me.  My sugar
hasn't gone over 226 yet (which is a BIG improvement for me).

My question is this, when I picked up my infusion sets I thought I was
getting 10 different ones.  Instead I got 5 complete sets and 5 of just the
canula parts.  Can I use the tubing for 6 or more days?  I am set to change
sites every 3 days, but that only leaves me 15 days for supplies.

Also if any one has the name of some mail order supply companies that sell
them in bigger quantities than 10.

Thank you to all!

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