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Re: [IP] Carbs in Pasta

bdniles wrote:
> Just my 2 cents...my dietician told me that she read somewhere that the
> longer pasta sits around (i.e. in restaurants) the more carbs it develops.
> It had something to do with the starch. She was quite amazed that the
> content could change. I wish I had gotten the article she had read. At the
> time I was trying to figure out how to better estimate carbs when eating out
> and she mentioned this as a possible reason why I might miscalculate.

OK but it IS impossible. Thing I think they were saying was that the
carbs per unit of weight goes up because as time goes by more of the
water it 
was cooked in evaporates or drains off. This results in there being more
PER POUND but no real change in the carb content, just the diluent.

Ted Quick
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