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Re: [[IP] Charcots foot]????

  I have been having a lot of strange symptoms for about 2-3 years now wi=
th my
feet and ankles. First, I developed what looked like a very seriously inf=
little toe. Well after one antibiotic and another, it did not get any
better.So I was admitted into the hospital and told I would have to have
intranenious antibiotics for as long as 6 months and could very likely ha=
ve to
have my toe amputated! Well they did a last minute bone scan and found ou=
t my
toe wasn't infected at all, it was broken in half! So nothing was done, j=
taped it and told to wear good supportive shoes. Then about a year ago my=

ankle swelled and it appeared to be cellulitis, but it wasn't. I have bee=
experiencing cramps so severe in the top of my feet, that I almost feel l=
ike I
might have a heart attack or pass out, they are so intense. I also have a=

bulge about the size of a quarter on the arch, but towards the outside, o=
f the
foot. And lastly, I just can't find any shoe that feels like it fits prop=
I hate to sound like a hypocondriac, but I'm worried that I could end up =
this disease.All the information seems to show advanced cases, so it's ha=
rd to
tell.Does anyone who suffers from this condition have an opinion or any
Sorry so long and thanks.
pmpg 6/97  =

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