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[IP] hypoglycemia in the drs office

Renee is right, one more thing test before driving.  these things happen 
tothe best of us,  i now know this for a fact as it happpened to you one of 
the best. 
Don and Penguinie  Pumper penguin  -0
I usually do check before driving but I was in a hurry because we were late 
and I needed to drop my boys off at the baby sitter and then I still had to 
go to the Drs. office. So I skipped it.  Pretty stupid I realize now.  I will 
never break my rule again.
You guys have been really supportive and I really needed that.  My sisters 
and best friend laughed at me.  Don't quite understand the humiliation.  I 
thought about taking the staff donuts or something else not sure what.  What 
do you all think?
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