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Re: [IP] good things and bad things about pump

My name is David, I am 42 and started on the MiniMed 507c 2 weeks ago, and I
LOVE IT!!!  The Freedom it gives is unimaginable!  I have not really had any
bad experiences, one No Delivery alarm, and a bad site, a few lows and a
couple highs from under bolusing, but that's it.  Please tell your son he is
in for the best time of his life.  Now, when his birthday rolls around and
he wants that piece of cake, he doesn't have to make room in his diet, just
bolus extra to cover it!  (Not a good idea to do this everytime the
"craving" hits, but still with moderation, it's ok!)  If he want's to
contact me with any questions or concerns, please let him know he has a
friend who has the pump and is going through the same "adjustment period"
and will be happy to talk to him anytime.  Reply privately, and I'll give
you my address and or phone # if you want.  Please wish him luck from me,
and have a great time!
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Subject: [IP] good things and bad things about pump

> Hello all,
>   I have questions LOL !!! My son starts on the pump hopefully June 1st.
> MM507C and we already have it. I read all the great things about the pump
> now are there any bad ? Can we have some pointers on some things we need
> watch for (infection around site I know). He was just diagnosed on Feb 9,
> at the age of 19-May 9th was his 20th birthday and the first time he had
> cake-and let me tell you he made room in his diet for a big slice.  He's a
> little nervous now because it will be a change. He has done well on the
> and the humulog and he has a great attitude about this whole thing (thank
> for that). Thanks for all your help and support
> Penny

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