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Re: [IP] Infusion set tubing tolerance

At 10:25 AM 5/23/1999  Dottie & Tommy Crocker wrote:
 >I've been on the MM507C for about 2 weeks and have a question from you
 >experienced pumpers.  I wear my pump clipped to my belt and am concerned
 >about the exposure of the infusion set tubing at the pump.  Any suggestions
 >on how to protect the tubing will be greatly appreciated.  I do not want to
 >bend the tubing so that it crimps and cuts the flow of insulin.

Unless you are wearing an extremely tight belt and the tubing is caught 
underneath it, I doubt you will have any problems. I have my pump hanging 
on my belt and I just randomly stuff the tubing in my pants... not very 
elegant, but it works.

Basically, just try it different ways... you'll have a very difficult time 
crimping it (unless you use a vise <vbg>). In any case, your pump will let 
you know soon enough if you made a mistake. If you get a "No Delivery" 
alarm, you know that you did something wrong... no big deal. Just fix it 
the tubing and keep on going. If it keeps on clicking, then all's well.


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