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[IP] good things and bad things about pump

Hello all,
  I have questions LOL !!! My son starts on the pump hopefully June 1st. The 
MM507C and we already have it. I read all the great things about the pump , 
now are there any bad ? Can we have some pointers on some things we need to 
watch for (infection around site I know). He was just diagnosed on Feb 9, 99 
at the age of 19-May 9th was his 20th birthday and the first time he had 
cake-and let me tell you he made room in his diet for a big slice.  He's a 
little nervous now because it will be a change. He has done well on the shots 
and the humulog and he has a great attitude about this whole thing (thank God 
for that). Thanks for all your help and support

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