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Re: [IP] frozen shoulder/trigger finger

In a message dated 5/23/99 7:34:33 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I am sure I had trigger finger because 
 my middle finger would lock and I couldn't open it without using the other 
 hand.  My endo said it was neuropathy so it might have been that too.  I 
 great respect for Sam and his knowledge, but exercise worked for me and it 
 might work for others. >>

Since 'trigger finger" is not the scientific term I'm sure it covers many 
different ailments and we may be using the term for different things.

My father (non diabetic) had one of his fingers lock up and, like you, had to 
use the other hand to move it.  The same ortho hand specialist who put me in 
an immobilizer sent him to physical therapy for exercises.  

Maybe you just need to find a doctor that is more in tune with your thinking. 
 My GP (an MD) will not actually suggest alternative treatment to me but if I 
bring it up she has been quite receptive.  She says the problem with the 
medical community accepting these things is that they need scientific proof 
before it can be universally accepted.  

Her rule of thumb: pursue other options but if things get worse get right 
back to the doc.  If things don't get any better after a while it is time to 
go back to the doc.


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