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Re: [IP] frozen shoulder/trigger finger

At 05:31 AM 5/23/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Thanks Linda for supporting my view.  I am sure I had trigger finger because
 >my middle finger would lock and I couldn't open it without using the other
 >hand.  My endo said it was neuropathy so it might have been that too.  I 
 >great respect for Sam and his knowledge, but exercise worked for me and it
 >might work for others.

 >Drs,in general, love to send people to other drs or for other tests.  They
 >rarely recommend certain exercises or diet changes(not the DM diet, but
 >certain foods that might cause problems) because they don't know much about
 >it or their haven't been any studies.

If your therapy, using exercise works for you that's great! Each person and 
each condition are different. So there is rarely one universal answer for 
everyone. You have to do what's best for yourself.

I'm a pragmatist who doesn't really like going to the doctor (honest!) I 
was basically reflecting the information that my orthopedic surgeon (who's 
supposed to be quite good) gave me. I know that my gut reaction to trigger 
finger was to try to exercise it, which I actually did for a number of 
months. It not only didn't improve, it got worse. So, I was hoping to save 
someone a bit of added pain by recommending that they check with a 
competent, knowledgeable doctor first.

This assumes that you have a medical professional that you trust, of 
course. If you don't have complete confidence in your medical care team, 
then all bets are off. My endo doesn't casually ask for tests and/or 
readily pass me off to other specialists without good cause. And, the 
orthopedic surgeon didn't jump right into invasive therapy, but recommended 
immobilization for a number of weeks first. After that didn't work, we 
tried the cortisone injection (which did work) before even thinking of 
anything else. This doctor is the same one that diagnosed my frozen 
shoulder too and recommended exercise and physical therapy before doing 
anything else. In both cases, he also took x-rays to be sure that there 
wasn't anything else happening.

The watch word, as always is YMMV.


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