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[IP] lower blood sugars/pump

Hi guys. You probably thought I feel asleep or something huh? NO, school is 
about to end and all the activities begin! They jam so much into the last 2 

I had 3 questions.  Seems like Kevins needs have recently changed in the am. 
We have been doing a 12:1 ratio at meals. The breakfast one we have had to 
correct on a daily basis until last week. He kept falling into range OR going 
low by 10 am. (he eats at 7) Friday we went on a fieldtrip to historic 
Jamestown (Va) and I guess with the heat or my miscalculating the soda he 
drank, he dropped to 50. We did some casual walking, but it was blistering 
hot out too. I wrote it off to heat and my mistake. Question #1, do you count 
soda carbs like others? Seems to go thru him quicker and cause a low if I do 
the ratio to follow the carbs.   Question #2, I hear where new pumpers needs 
change for MORE insulin as the weeks go by, but can it be that Kevin needs 
less? I was going to up his am ratio to 14:1 so he would stop the lows at 

Question #3. (this one has been haunting me for days)  kevin is trying out 
for what is called CHALLENGE SOCCER tomorrow and Tues. Knowing he goes low at 
any exercise...I was planning on doing this. Please let me know if it sounds 

Tryouts go from 5-7pm

1.  Eat at 4 pm, including extra protein like Milk.  Bolus like usual.
2.  Disconnect from pump once practice begins and check blood sugar.
3.  Drink 15 carbs of gatorade every 20-30 minutes.
4.  Check him around 6 pm (hoping the coaches wont disqualify him)

The coaches are very particular about parents NOT being involved during the 2 
hours...and kids should not come off the field. I feel we will talk to them 
ahead of time and let them know the situation....hope for the best.

Thanks for your help.

Otherwise, pumping has been WONDERFUL!!!! What freedom.

Mom of Kevin, 11 and pumping for 3 weeks

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