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Found this on m.h.d. and thought it was interesting!
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Subject: Interesting stuff at ADA this year.
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Hello everyone,

I just received my ADA Scientific Sessions abstract book this week. I have
only been able to skim through it so far..(it's 550 pages long and in type
smaller than a phone book..)

There are over 2100 oral presentations, posters, and abstracts listed !

There is quite a bit more info on inhaled insulin with a group from Germany
with a poster describing a new absorption enhancer. Oral presentations
include use of inhaled insulin in Type 2 diabetes when oral agents fail
(#0048) with HbA1c falling by 2.28 Vs 0.13 for placebo.

In Type 1 diabetes inhaled insulin (#0053) is deemed more convenient. What a

I can't tell which manufacturer was associated with theses studies, Inhale
or Aradigm.

The Aradigm system was has a poster (#0410) which suggests that it was
similar in safety and effectiveness to injections.

There are several designer insulins with studies reported. These include
Insulin Aspart  (a new fast acting insulin) ,Insulin Glargine ( a new
intermediate insulin),  and a long acting insulin code named NN304.

Gene therapy , in mice, suggests that DNA plasmids for preproinsulin
injected into muscle can actually produce insulin. (#0051).

Two papers deal with orally active insulin in development. Neither has been
tested on persons with DM, although one group was able to induce
hypoglycemia  in normal volunteers.

There are dozens of papers on troglitazone, about 2 dozen on rosiglitazone,
and about one dozen on pioglitazone.

As far as devices, a couple pump papers caught my eye. One involved using
pumps only overnight in kids 7 - 10 years old to help with overnight
control. The other used a MiniMed 507C as an IV insulin infusion device in
conjunction with a pre-set algorithm to control hospitalized patients

I've only scratched the surface of the abstracts so far.

Looks like a very interesting meeting this year. For those of you going to
the ADA in San Diego,,,see you there!

William Biggs MD

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