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Re: [IP] Union Insurance Hoop Jumping

email @ redacted wrote:

>  It's very discouraging to know that you live in a state where you should be
> protected, but your plan does not have to participate in the mandate! 

I'm in EXACTLY that situation -- I live in Nevada, which DOES have a low
mandating coverage, BUT my employer is self-insured. 

So you can imagine my surprise when they approved the pump with no
questions asked, other than the fact that nobody knew what they were
doing, so everybody kept waiting for papers from someone else.

I was fully prepared to use a friend's discarded 506 and merely wanted
the doc to prescribe supplies for me -- I never expected to be given a
brand-new pump of my own!

So I passed the 506 on to someone else -- since the little blurb inside
the door says that Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on
the order of a physician, if neither my first friend nor I charged any
money for it, we weren't breaking the law as stated!!!


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