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[IP] Diabetes or Dialysis

We had our insulin-pump support group meeting last night.  It was a cookout 
with swimming, tennis, basketball, a fun family event.  We held it at a 
sports club and the party was great, BUT...the woman that I paid for rental 
put a sign on the front door that said "Dialysis group go through side door.  
She put this sign under my Pumping Up Montgomery sign so she was talking 
about us.  This was really funny and really sad.  I guess the general public 
gets all diseases mixed up(LOL).  You know, diabetes, dialysis, dementia, 
what's the difference?  I plan to talk to her Monday and educate her a 
little.  I got a picture of that sign however to put in our scrapbook.  It 
shows how much work will always need to be done to educate the general 
public.  ellen
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