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[IP] Lisa and laser surgery

Hi Lis
Sorry to hear about your laser surgery. 
hope you've recovered a bit now. I have been through this for the last
2 1/2 years and have had hundreds of them. I still get those kinds of
feelings. The anaesthetic does strange thigns to your vision when you
take the pad off. For me it made everything turn at an angle of 90
degrees. it only last a few hours like that though. Don't worry of
your sight is worse for a few days. That's completely normal.
I hated having the anaesthetic done and have only had it twice.  But
the pain got so bad I had to have it. They always say it doens't hurt
but hte more you have, the more it hurts. Of course withthe
anaesthetic you don't feel anything.
One thign to be very careful of if you ahve the anaesthetic again is
not to let your eye get scratched . That happened to me once and it
was agony for days and I had to go on antibiotics.
Anyway, if you want to talk more about laser treatments etc. feel free
to email me privately.

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