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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office

That was a great story. Once when I was low I was outside my apt. talking 
with the neighbors I had one of those sneak low Bs I did not notice until I 
heard myself telling the upstairs neighbor about how the windows shake 
everytime they have sex (I could not believe I said this I went in and 
checked my Bs 49, I asked my husband how could he sit there I let me go on 
(he knew I was low before I did because I talk way too much when I have lows) 
he thought it was funny. Just think of it this way the office staff did not 
have another boring day at work you added some flavor and color he sounds 
like a good DR he took care of you instead of shoving you into an ambulance 
so you could be someone else's problem and besides that didn't you say he was 
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