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Re: [IP] Union Insurance Hoop Jumping

In a message dated 5/22/99 8:35:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Kelly, 
 If you live in NYS, shouldn't the NYS Diabetes law apply to you?  That is 
 certain diabetic supplies must be covered?
 Stacy >>

		That would be wonderful, however even though NYS has this 
law, it does NOT apply to "self-insured" plans such as ours.  It only applies 
to regular insurance companies, HMO's, etc.  I did LOTS of research on this 
and found this to be a BIG problem for people who are in a plan such as ours. 
 It's very discouraging to know that you live in a state where you should be 
protected, but your plan does not have to participate in the mandate!  I did 
however send them a copy of this law which I got from our CDE, and told them 
that laws like this actually SAVE them money in the long run by providing 
diabetics with the proper tools and services to keep themselves as healthy as 
possible and hopefully costing less in hospital stays, complications, etc.  
When I contacted the Dept. of Labor, the FIRST thing the representative told 
me was that benefits plans through union negotiations are NOT obliged to 
abide by the Sweeney Law and when I told her I knew that already, she asked 
me why I was even trying to fight them on this!  Basically these plans are 
self governed because they are paid for solely by the employers and union 
members and any provisions of the plan are hammered out in union 
negotiations.  It is definitely a BIG flaw in the system!

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