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Re: [IP] broken bones--basal changes???????

In a message dated 5/22/99 3:28:18 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< On thursday while leaving school, a bratty little kid hit her with his 
 backpack. She was at the top of a flight of 15 marble stairs. Yep, you 
 guessed it---trip to the E.R..
 Seems she broke her ankle in three places !!!!!! Surgery on Friday morning 
 (thank god for the pump !) Even with constant vomitting for 8 hours bgs 
 stayed good. >>

{{Hugs}} to your daughter (and you).  Not that there is a good time but what 
a way to start summer vacation.  Poor thing.  I hope you two make it through 
the recovery without too much boredom.  

Last summer, I too was on the sidelines for the same thing (ankle broken in 
three places) and I took that time to learn and master Mario on the Nintendo. 
 <giggle> Not bad for a 40 something woman!.  It sure made the time during 
the day go by quicker than watching tv.  You can only read for so many hours.

I hope things smooth out soon and that she doesn't suffer much.  

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