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>I cannot raise my leg to put on or tie my shoes. I cannot sit Indian
style. My joint in the groin area aches constantly and hurts to the point
of taking my breath away if I turn wrong or twist it.<

Kim, the same thing happened to me.  The very first time, I was in bed and 
just moved my leg.  I almost hit the ceiling the pain was so bad.  I saw 
several doctors, including a sports-medicine doc, and none of them could 
figure it out.  X-rays shoed nothing.  It is NOT sciatica, because I was 
actually being seen for that in my other leg.  Sciatica goes down the back of 
your leg, not the groin.  If I got out of a chair suddenly and pushed off to 
the side, I was in agony.  While I was doing physical therapy for the 
sciatica, the therapists couldn't figure it out, either.  I did PT for 4 
months with no improvement.  About a month later, a friend told me about his 
chiropractor.  Within 4 weeks, the improvement was tremendous, and 2 months 
later, it was gone.  Whatever the pain was that you were describing took 
about 10 months to go away completely.  (No help from the chiropractor on 
that one.)  I kept telling the doctors that it felt like whatever was holding 
my leg on near my groin had snapped.  (Obviously, I knew that there was a lot 
more holding my leg on, but that's what it felt like.)  I remember how hard 
it was to get pantyhose on, and I only wore shoes that I could slide into.  I 
wish you the very best of luck - I hope a doctor knows what it is and that 
you recover soon.

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