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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office

email @ redacted wrote:
> Sorry so long but someone make me feel better.  Because this morning I just
> want to die.

Hey, Kathleen?

Guess what!You're human!!  You make mistakes! So do we all. And we're
all grateful you didn't kill anyone, including YOURSELF!

Dealing with health crises is one of the reasons your doc went to med
school. So he did his job, and I'm sure HE wouldn't want to lose you as
a patient over it! I'm sure he understands that you were in severe
hypoglycemia -- and I'm sure he knows that the brain just isn't
functioning at those levels -- he knows it wasn't YOU -- you were out of
commission at the time. 

And if he did his internship and residency at a hospital, he's been
vomited on, dealt with violence, smelled icky smells and seen icky
sights before -- this is nothing new to him.  

I understand feeling embarrassed, but try to put it behind you. Diabetes
is an icky yucky disease, and sometimes rears up and smacks you -- no
one likes that, but hey, it happened, it's over with, and it's time to
go on -- with your head up, because you survived! And so did your
doctor! :)

Hang in there, kiddo!
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