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[IP] broken bones--basal changes???????

Hi everybody !!!!
Next step in the ever entertaining Wolfersheim saga....
On thursday while leaving school, a bratty little kid hit her with his 
backpack. She was at the top of a flight of 15 marble stairs. Yep, you 
guessed it---trip to the E.R..
Seems she broke her ankle in three places !!!!!! Surgery on Friday morning 
(thank god for the pump !) Even with constant vomitting for 8 hours bgs 
stayed good.
Now comes the question--For those of you with extremely active kids,
How far should I increase her basals ? She usually plays basketball, 
doubledutch jumpropes and walks 2-3 miles a day. Now she will be a hot sweaty 
couch potato for a while. I backed off on her basals for surgery cuz I wanted 
to keep her a little high to eliminate any risk of hypoglycemic seizures. 
Is there a magic formula to figure out how high to go or just keep moving up 
.1u every other day?        Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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