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[IP] FWD: Free Kids Choice cookbook

Hi Everyone,
		A friend on my e-mail loop passed this on to me.  It came 
from the Children with Diabetes Website.  I have all three of the items and 
it is a FANTASTIC offer!  The cookbook is the BEST.  I thought it was 
worthwhile passing the information on.

To:	email @ redacted

Earlier this week I was visiting the Lifescan website looking through their
kids section.  I came across some pretty nice recipes that my son would
just love to make (and can eat!), and found a page in which you could get
the "Kids Choice Cookbook" for free just by filling out their survey.  The
survey included information about what kind of glucose meter you're using.


To my surprise the UPS truck just drove up with Anthony's package.  A free
cookbook, a Diabetes Dek, a pocket sized reference guide about how to
control and manage diabetes.  What really surprised me was the free copy of
"The Joslin Guide to Diabetes" by Richard S. Beaser and Joan V. C. Hill!
Also included was a brochure on our own Children with Diabetes website!

Check it out!  This was well worth the few minutes it took to fill out the

Now to try some of these recipes.....I'm really excited about this one!

mother of Anthony 10 1/2, dx 9-22-95
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