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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office

<embarassing story snippped>

> Sorry so long but someone make me feel better.  Because this morning I just 
> want to die.

I can relate to that story. About a year ago I was at my girlfriends
house; it was a normal day to me (I'm not currently on the pump) but I was
feeling a little tired. I layed down and took a nap with my girlfriend.
After the nap, the first thing I remembered was laying in an ambulance
NAKED! It appears I woke up feeling...ummm..."good" and started to take my
clothes off. My girlfriend got me to calm down but for some reason I
didn't want to get dressed, I also did not want to eat or drink anything
so she called 911.

Boy was I embarassed. I fought with the 911 people, got a bunch of glucose
syrup (yuck!), and got a ride to the hospital. It had to have been the
most embassing moment of my life. I talked it over with my girlfriend but
she wasn't mad. She understood I was embarassed and we both got over it.

These things happen to all of us I believe. It's too bad you messed up the
bolus, but we're not all perfect. You're lucky you had the reaction in the
Dr's office though :)

- -Jef

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