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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office

   First of all {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} of support....and bravo to you for relating 
this upsetting story... Believe it or not, someday you WILL laugh at this 
(maybe you could bring the cute doc a can of shoe polish at your next 
visit!)....In the meantime, don't waste psychic energy on the "coulda, 
shoulda, woulda" Trio...The fact that this hadn't happened in nearly 8 years 
is TERRIFIC & no, you are NOT an idiot...just a harried mom suffering from 
"over-tasking"!!...2 remedies come to mind: 1) the obvious one of never 
leaving the house without checking your purse for emergency sugar and 2) 
making your sons more involved in your care (they'd probably welcome the 
chance to "boss around" Mom) as simplistically as having them inquire how 
much you're bolusing....if they're young enough, it's a great math exercise; 
if they're older, they'll love the indulgence of treating poor old Mom as 
some feeble-minded adult! LOL...but the bottom line is that it's VERY easy to 
be distracted by kids even for us non-diabetic moms who only serve as our 
kids "pump-coaches".....I've been known in the pre-pump MDI days to have 
almost injected the wrong child!!!......

Regards, Renee
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