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[IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office

Okay the worse thing happened to me yesterday.  Went to my primary for my 
normal follow up and I have a reaction.  Look in my bag no glucose tablets or 
nothing I know I put them in their.  I then proceed to ask the receptionist 
where is a coke machine.  On the ground floor (we are on the sixth).  I go 
downstairs (really dumb move) get a coke and only a coke. Go back upstairs 
and then begin to drink.  I now know I was already so low surprised I was 
walking (btw tested and I was 65 before the trip downstairs).  I sit their 
and wait 5 minutes until I am called and I guess behaving erratically because 
the nurse asked me if I was okay.  Tested again and only 89 with the whole 
can.  So they have me drink another.  Now I start feeling better and throw up 
clogging their patient toilet.  DR comes in and we start talking about what 
happened at this point I realize I bolused for lunch 4.6 units when I should 
have only bolused for 1.6.  Two cokes don't do it and the next hour is a 
total blur but I wake up to an IV with blood all over being held down by the 
DR (who is really cute btw) and his nurse.  Seems I tried to go home and pull 
the IV out. Also I had my pump in my underwear and the DR had to go and get 
it and make sure it was stopped.  Ugh, I cant believe this happened to me. It 
takes D50 and another coke before my blood sugar is 137.  I then throw up and 
hit the Drs. shoes.  15 minutes later they make me eat the lunch the office 
had a tortilla with chicken inside.  Finally 4 hours after my appt I go home 
with my husband (I came by myself)

I am so embarrassed.  I have had 10 severe hypoglycemia in 17 yrs. My last 
one was December 30.1991.  The worst part is just how belligerent I was.  I 
am really easy going and considerate and it was just so unlike me.  I almost 
want to change Drs. but he is so good.  I have just had so few and this was 
so stupid.  I took my two boys to McDonalds and I was just so distracted I 
cant believe what I did.  They called my endo who asked why it happened.  I 
said I was an idiot got distracted and bolused way too much.  He said he 
doesn't put idiots on the pump.  I could have killed someone, driving their 
or my boys on the way to the baby sitters.

Sorry so long but someone make me feel better.  Because this morning I just 
want to die.

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