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Re: [IP] frozen shoulder/trigger finger

Thank you Lisa for bringing up tmt. through exercise.  I have not had frozen 
shoulder, but I did have trigger finger and/or neuropathy in my hands.  
Several people reported having surgery 2 or 3 times for this.  I definitely 
did not want to go that route if I didn't have to.  I found that while 
running I could open and close my fingers easily.  So, I started running 5 
miles 4 days/week.  I would also squeeze a one pound stress ball in the car.  
After a couple of months, the trigger finger/neuropathy was totally gone.  I 
have no idea why this worked or if I would have gotten better anyway.  I 
would suggest, before having surgery or taking shots, try exercising and 
stretching more.  I am a big believer in exercise solving many problems.  
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