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Re: [IP] Which pump?

> Hi,
> I don't want to start any "flame wars" either, but I would
> like to see the good and bad points of both pumps posted
> here.  I am also in the process of trying to make a
> decision between the two pumps.  Can't this be done
> civilly?

The biggest difficulty is that both pumps are excellent pieces of 
equipment. They are reliable and fulfill their function quite well. 
There are minor functional differences only and each has their 
advocates. You won't start a flame war, it's just tough to find 
something wrong with equipment that by and large works pretty well. 
If you choice is to be made on quality and functionality alone, it is 
a very tough decision. Find a reason to like one over the other, 
perhaps because of local service, the rep, your doc, the phase of the 
moon, whatever....

Either choice is a lot better than MDI
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