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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #157

Hello, my name is Kim and I have been pumping for 5 days and have loved
every minute of it. I am so excited about looking forward to a healther
future. I was dx at age 5 and am now 36. This is the fifth day in 30 years
I have not had a shot!!!! I have subscribed to this site for almost 2 years
now. I enjoy reading everyones experiences and suggestions. I have a
question about frozen shoulder. What is this. I am having a problem with my
leg. I cannot raise my leg to put on or tie my shoes. I cannot sit Indian
style. My joint in the groin area aches constantly and hurts to the point
of taking my breath away if I turn wrong or twist it. I was wondering if
anyone has had similar problems. I am going to an orthapedic doctor in the
next couple of weeks. 

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