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Re: [IP] Insurance foolishness

A while back I asked who also had Anthem as I do.  You said you had them
well  heres my story!      Anyway I just received my new pump  yesterday
YEAAAA!  But about a week ago I called my D.. center in town, (I have a
lady there handling all the insurance end of this.) She said she sent my
paper work in Apr. 3. more than a month ago, so she'd see what's going
on.  She called me later said they lost my papers!  But she faxed them so
they'd have them right away. She told me she made about 6 phone calls,
was told it may take 4-6 weeks and who knows what , maybe she was talking
to the $5.00 an Hr. lady!       She then called this past Wednesday and
they told her my policy say's I am approved (traditional ) for this no
application necessary!  I other words Apr. 3 just 2 days later if it had
been the right person I would have been using that pump for about a month
now!      I did write down notes as she told me about this the 2 last
people she talked to were Linda & Jody ( they seemed to know what to do)
if this may help you.       I know this may be on of those ymmv.  Another
twist which is fine to me- the insur. will pay over a 12 month period,
not sure what that  will mean in my case I will need to still pay 200 at
least maybe 400 out of pocket yet- Oh well!   not to bad out of 5000.   
( I have the 80 / 20 pay plan)
          I have a question for you again probably ymmv.  I purchase
insulin through Walmart phar. for small fee & syringes are free (going
through there comp To insur. )    How much will I be paying or wondering
how this works with pump supplies?   Sorry kind of long!  Stay well 
Rosie : )

On Fri, 21 May 1999 21:56:15 -0400 Ted Quick <email @ redacted>
>I called my health insurance carrier, Anthem BC/BS of Ohio today
>to ask what the situation is with paying for the pre-approved 
>insulin pump I recieved on MArch 1, 1999.
>Seems they've never received a bill, or approved me purchasing it. 
>This woman then insisted that insulin pumps are not ccovered in my
>contract, and are considered a "convenience item". So I tried to
>talk to her. It became immediately apparent that she has no idea
>what an insulin pump is, what good results it gives, or anything 
>else about medicine.... So I'm going to send a fax to them Monday 
>with the approval letter and the bill.
>Isn't it amazing what these insurance people will do to try to 
>pull the wool over our eyes? Oh well, I'll win eventually, but am 
>considering charging them a consultants fee, probably about 
>for the time they make me waste trying to correct their idiocy.
>Of course I DO realize she's probably paid $5.00/hour to put people 
>Ted Quick
>email @ redacted
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