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Re: [IP] Are You Wondering If You Should Pump?

Thanks Roz,

I know that most of these people are looking for answers on here, it just 
gets alittle scary at times to here some of their stories, I have a doctors 
appt. coming up in a couple of weeks and she wants a definate answer so she 
can get the letters to the insurance company, from which I read in the 
manual the insurance company gave me, it should pay for the whole thing as 
long as she writes a letter and also the pump company and I'm definately 
going to go for it, my sugars have been in the 200's (if not higher), most 
of the time, I have to always give myself an extra shot to bring it anywhere 
near the norm. So far I use 40 NPH in the morning and 40 NPH at night, but 
usually around lunch time (and that is when I eat what I'm suppose to!), I 
find that they are way up there so I use a sliding scale of R to compensate, 
and sadly to say have been using it quite often. So I know I'm going to do 
it, I (probably like everyone else) have so many questions, but this group 
has really helped out alot! And thanks for the info and let me know how it 
goes with you and most of all GOOD LUCK!!!    Barb

>From: rosemary l hartman <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IP] Are You Wondering If You Should Pump?
>Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 11:02:10 -0400
>Barb- ( I'm Not a pumper yet- but soon! )   I've been listening to what
>this group has to say for about a month or so, I've enjoyed  lot, learned
>a bunch.                                   And as for  the problems I
>just feel it's more for me to learn ahead of time.      If by some chance
>this may happen some day to me.     For instance  this group has helped
>me in understanding why my pump might not be delivering - I know now to
>look at a few things-  The tubing may have a bubble or be pinched, or the
>site might not be a good one, maybe a problem with the batteries and if
>nothing else I have someone I can call.  But also this group has so many
>people, that they are quick to answer also.   Remember  that with so many
>people it's the problems that usually take priority so we will see more
>of these!    I myself didn't know very much about the pump, until  my Dr.
>suggested getting the pump after my Ac1's were high.     So at that I
>happened to find this group, asked lots of questions ( they are the
>pro's!).     And here I am convinced and maybe getting my new pump today
>& starting in a week!    Some one also suggested reading Pumping Insulin,
>that is a good book, I'm still reading it and will go over it  again.   I
>also red to get a lot of info before starting pumping I'm one of those
>people who need to know what I'm getting in to a head of time. Another
>thing a very important point is the thought of complications if I don't
>pump, so much more of a risk , I want to be healthy so I feel I'm doing
>what's best!       Maybe It's not for everyone but for the other 99%  ?
>of pumpers love it!    So if you can try it,  you can always go back-
>but by the sound of it not many do.  waiting for mine!  Rosie :o)   dm
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