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Re: [IP] ultram

In a message dated 5/21/99 8:53:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I went to the podiatrist for neuropathy in my feet He told Mr. he
 > thinks it is neuritis and Ultram will work wonders 
 Describe more fully your symptoms
 email @ redacted
 ------ >>
 Around 3 months ago after getting the flu I lost to sensation to my right 
from that ponit on every day I lost sensation in another part of my body at 
night I was having  involuntary leg movement and pain I got to the point that 
I did not want to go to sleep May 3  got up and realized I lost the ability 
to feel heat or sharpness anywhere on my body May 4 had difficulty sallying 
went to ER was sent home had no reflexes in my feet May 6 Went to the 
Neurologist I had no reflexes in my feet, knees, or elbows no response to the 
tracing wheel DR told my husband to get me to the ER was admitted had all 
kinds of test came back negative. Whenever I relaxed after doing something my 
whole body jerked then after that my body would become flaccid and I could 
speak because the muscles in the mouth would not move I have difficulty 
walking I have to tell myself bend my knee step bend my knee step
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