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[IP] Insurance foolishness

I called my health insurance carrier, Anthem BC/BS of Ohio today
to ask what the situation is with paying for the pre-approved 
insulin pump I recieved on MArch 1, 1999.

Seems they've never received a bill, or approved me purchasing it. 
This woman then insisted that insulin pumps are not ccovered in my
contract, and are considered a "convenience item". So I tried to
talk to her. It became immediately apparent that she has no idea
what an insulin pump is, what good results it gives, or anything 
else about medicine.... So I'm going to send a fax to them Monday 
with the approval letter and the bill.

Isn't it amazing what these insurance people will do to try to 
pull the wool over our eyes? Oh well, I'll win eventually, but am 
considering charging them a consultants fee, probably about $100/hour,
for the time they make me waste trying to correct their idiocy.

Of course I DO realize she's probably paid $5.00/hour to put people 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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